Wednesday, November 3, 2010

San Francisco Giants - World Series Champs

It was nice to finally be in the city that won the world series. Sitting in a pub out near the warf, kicking back a few beers, while watching the game. I was actually walking past a pub for the first 3 home runs, as I was walking around the shops I completely lost track of time and forgot the game was on. Then I passed a pub and saw that it was already the 7th inning. So I decided it would be best to grab a hefeweizen and take a load off. Watching the rest of the suspenseful game, as Texas attempted to get runs, while the 49s continued to defend their lead. Then in the last stretch, Texas could no longer combat Brian Willson's beard. They were to afraid of its awesomeness and cowered to the strength of the 49ers. 
After the game I left the pub and continued to walk towards the bart. At which point I ran into three girls carrying this rug, screaming in sheer excitement. After waiting 52 years the 49ers did it!!

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