Walking around the Gardens

In the morn from the privacy of the Palace of Creation
The Eastern Candle emanates in every direction;
Produces a clear mirror from the horizon’s pocket
In a thousand ways showing the world its own reflection.
In the corners of the grand cosmic music hall
The organ plays a tune, and Venus listens with elation.
The exalted harp cries, now where is the doubter?
The laughing cup cries, what happened to prohibition?
Look closely at the world, and choose gaiety and joy
Whichever way you look, this is the world’s situation.
The locks of the sweetheart and Master lock up and deceive
The mystics over this chain seek no confrontation.
Ask for a majestic life, if this world is what you seek
For He is benevolent and bountiful with compassion.
Light of the hopeful eye, eternal symbol of adoration;
Omniscient, Omnipotent, Soul of the World, King of the Nation.

Translation by Shahriar Shahriari
Source: http://www.hafizonlove.com/divan/06/293.htm

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