Reflecting over the words of #Hafez (#Shiraz, #Iran)

For years I followed the drunken trail
Until my wisdom put greed in jail.
From my ashes, like Phoenix I rose
With Solomon’s bird ended this tale.
Aid my wounded heart, infinite treasure
It is in your love, destitute, I wail.
Made a vow, never to kiss the cup again;
Fool’s advice has no option but to fail.
My own old habits all turned stale,
I got what I asked, His wind in my sail.
In my state, my own will was of no avail
I followed my guidance to the detail.
I seek eternal bliss in Paradise
Though I am a mere servant of the Grail.
The wisdom of my gray head will testify
To years of patience with life’s hailstorm and gale.
Like Hafiz, I gained all my good habits
From the commandments, holy books entail.
If I am Master of poetic verse and scale
Wonder not, for years I served the Master of the veil.


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